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6 Impotent Marketing Lessons from Shark Tank

Source: DigitgalMarketer

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, business, and marketing, then chances are you are familiar with ABC’s Shark Tank.

It’s objectively an entertaining show, which is probably why it’s been around for 11 years. Hour-long episodes are filled with original product ideas, lucrative business negotiations, life changing deals, and billionaires. How can you not be entertained?

But alongside the entertainment factor of Shark Tank, there’s an educational factor too.

Shark Tank is just a collection of entrepreneurs sharing their marketing strategies and business plans. Listening to what they have to say, as well as what the Sharks have to say to them, can give you a lot of good lessons and advice that you can use in your own professional life. Who thought watching TV could be so helpful?

So here are the 6 lessons that Shark Tank can teach you about marketing:

  1. Product Framing is Important
  2. It’s Never Too Early (or Too Late) to Take a Chance
  3. Never Be Afraid to Put Your Product into Action
  4. Some Products Are for Everyone
  5. Show How Your Product Will Make Your Customer’s Life Better
  6. There’s A Market for Every Product

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Watch Shark Tank episodes on ABC here. (Make sure you listen to how the ‘Sharks’ think and what questions are they asking, you’ll be able to gain a lot of it).