What’s Working with Cold Email? (Right Now 2020)

A great marketing tactic that is still working very well in many B2B industries today is cold email.

What is Cold Email?

Cold email is sending relevant offers to targeted individuals through email, typically without you having any established relationship with the recipient.

Be cautious, as missteps here can classify you as SPAM, dumping your communication straight into the “Spam” folder.

When cold email is done correctly, and with empathy, it’s very possible to start up conversations that lead to sales.

It may make sense for you, or your clients, to have a low-and-slow cold email campaign running at all times. A few targeted outbound emails sent each day to a hand-picked list of targets is a great supplement to bring in prospects for B2B sales.

You’ll need a few things to be successful in cold email: qualified leads, smart, relevant emails and the right technology.

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