What Is Spam?

What Is Spam?

The spam term is usually referred to Email Spam and also sometimes called Junk Email.

Spam email is an email sent without explicit consent from the recipient. Spam emails usually try to sell questionable goods or are downright deceitful. This is the dark side of email marketing.

The main purpose of spam emails is to generate revenues and a profit.

Over 400 billion emails are sent every day all over the world and it is estimated that roughly half of these emails are considered as spam emails.

Most of the world’s spam activity comes from about a hundred of so called “spam gangs” operating mainly from the USA, Russia, and China, according to the Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO).

In most cases, spammers disguise unwanted emails with the mask of promotions offering something from the “ultimate diet drug” to “100% working remedy for men’s health”. Aside from commercials, the most popular types of spam include adult content and emails promising financial independence by following simple instructions.

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