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What is an Email Funnel?

Source: DigitalMarketer

As a consumer, it would be nearly impossible to count the number of email funnels that have hit your inbox and you did not even noticed.

We can safely say, it’s been a lot. Businesses love email funnels because they swiftly move new subscribers toward their first purchase. Let’s take a look at the Customer Value Journey to get an idea of where your prospects are when they become subscribers.

The Customer Value Journey is the journey a prospect takes from finding out a business exists to becoming such a raving fan of it they’re actively promoting the business like a salesperson only they pay you.

When we talk about email funnels, we’re talking about the shift of a prospect choosing to become a subscriber to buying your first offer.

Email funnels are a big deal in the marketing world because they work… really, really well. People are still tuned into their inboxes, check out these statistics from OptinMonster:

99% of email users check their email every day

85% of the people you send an email to will receive your email

More than 75% of teenagers still use email

Yep, you don’t need to figure out how to renegade on TikTok anytime soon; emails can reach every demographic you’re interested in.

But how does email funnels work?

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