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How Do You Compare? 2020 Email Marketing Statistics Compilation

Source: Smart Insights

The average open rate for all industries we analyzed is 21.33%.

Email marketers often ask “how do our campaigns compare”? They’re looking for email statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough, delivery, unsubscribe and complaints rates, ideally within their sector. That’s what we cover in this regularly updated compilation of the best email marketing response statistics for different sectors and countries.

Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. The best stats sources are compilations by email marketing service providers who produce statistics across their clients’ campaigns. We have grouped the stats into the four top questions asked:

So what’s a good average open rate for email? or better yet, what’s a good average open rate for email in your industry sector?

Find out what’s the average open rate across all industries and more important 2020 email marketing statistics compilation.

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