How does MailChimp Make $400 Million Revenue?

Source: MailChimp

MailChimp is probably doing better than you ever realized. Their website traffic alone clocks in at a global rank of #979 out of the world’s more than one billion websites.

But that’s not all they’re known for. In 2016, they also:

Made more than $400,000,000 in revenue with just 550 employees (that’s $727K per employee)

Added nearly four million new users (increasing their total user base 30% from 12 million to 16 million in a single year)

Had over 246 billion emails sent using their platform

Yeah, they’re a pretty big deal.

Despite this impressive growth, MailChimp didn’t skyrocket to success overnight (they’ve been around since 2001).

And they didn’t raise mass amounts of venture capital money at the start or begin with a big sales team.

They spent years and years experimenting, testing, and creating a functional, loveable product that caters to the needs of millions of people around the world.

Now that they’ve done the work for you, I’m going to show you ten little secrets that led up to (and continue to grow) MailChimp’s wild success.

Tip #1: Get your first customers by putting on your “green glasses”.

Tip #2: Move people down your marketing funnel with the Facebook Ads “Funnel Stepping” technique.

Tip #3: Run a viral marketing campaign using this 3 part “g-map” framework

Tip #4: Advertise your business next to something that is relevant to your product using niche sponsorship.

Tip #5: Use this 3 part ppc funnel with a pre-sell landing page to warm up your cold paid traffic.

Tip #6: Use the “content series” content strategy to target your highest revenue buyer personas.

Tip #7: The freemium growth lever you can pull to double your profit in 1 year.

Tip #8: The “instant affiliate program” you can use to generate product virality for <$100.

Tip #9: Use this “too long to learn” customer development framework to improve your product.

Tip #10: “The welcome mat” homepage hack to convert first-time website traffic into cash.

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