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Lead Generation Strategies: Everything You Need to Know

Source: vero

If this is not your first marketing rodeo you know that lead generation is a key factor in your business success and putting that lead generation strategies in place will ensure your business success.

While you might know your lead generation stuff, it can never hurt to go back and review what you’ve been doing until now and possibly lead generation strategies you might be missing: from lead generation funnels, which metrics you should be tracking, and actionable tips you can start using today.

As with many online marketing strategies and lead generation strategies, if you asked multiple marketers about the stages of the lead generation funnel, you will probably get as many answers as the number of marketers you’ve asked. Depending on the marketers, some prefer to implement a simple three-stage lead generation funnel, while others prefer funnels that could have as many as six or even seven stages.

The smart thing to do is to start with one or two stages and as you start to get the results and analyze the numbers, you decide on how many stages you should be adding if it suits your business, marketing, online marketing and sales process.

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