How to Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

How to Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

Discover how to become an email marketing specialist, learn how to manage a highly advanced email marketing operation with one of the most demanded and ever-lasting jobs in the world.

Email is a powerful marketing tool, some would argue it’s the most powerful digital marketing tool we’ve got. Keep reading to find out why email can outperform social marketing, content marketing, and even word-of-mouth.

Ever wonder why your inbox is bombarded daily with marketing emails? The answer shouldn’t surprise you: it’s because they work. Revenue from email campaigns made up an average of 21 percent of companies’ overall revenue in 2018. That’s a pretty significant return on a relatively small investment.

Email keeps us informed, puts us in easy touch with friends and family, and reminds us of financial assets and upcoming bills. It also sells us stuff. About 2.5 billion people use email worldwide. That is 32% of the world’s entire population, all reachable with the click of a button.

Email marketing specialists are probably behind a lot of emails you look forward to receiving. They are the professionals who make a career of finding increasingly personalized ways not only to reach customers but also to keep them entertained, make them smile, and inspire them to click through to an article, product page, update, or coupon.

* What does an email marketing specialist do?

* What is an email marketing specialist?

* What do email marketing specialists do?

* What are the types of email marketing?

* What qualifications do email marketing specialists typically have?

* What qualities distinguish effective email marketing specialists?

* How much does an email marketing specialist make?

* What is the value of email marketing specialists?

What does an Email Marketing specialist Do?

An email marketing specialist is a digital marketing professional who focuses on:

1) Creating and segmenting email lists.

2) Designing emails and writing content.

3) Nurturing leads and driving sales using written communication and compelling imagery.


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