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7 Halloween Email Marketing Treats: Examples, Tips, Tricks & Best Practices

With everything happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great reminder that Halloween is just around the corner.

Are you ready for sweet success that won’t give you headache this Halloween season? GetResponse has gathered you a bag full of tips and tricks that will help you connect with your audience to get more customers and sales all before it’s even time to start carving those pumpkins.

First off, the biggest thing to keep in mind is you do not need to be a “Halloween brand” or have literal “Halloween products” to offer to take advantage of increased engagement and sales during the Halloween season.

Sure, it’s still a long way away, but people are researching and thinking about Halloween already. The minute it hits September, Halloween is in the air and on people’s minds.

A great Halloween email can make your audience smile and feel like a kid again, which puts them in the palm of your hand. Get ready to create catchy Halloween phrases with our insights into the very best Halloween email examples and how to create a hair-raising Halloween newsletter with eye-catching Halloween subject lines.

Discover how to leverage the season and holiday even if you don’t have anything Halloween-y to offer!

7 Halloween Email Examples

Though it might not seem like the ideal time to connect with your customers, Halloween offers up a great chance to engage your audience in a playful yet meaningful way that can help you sell more throughout the holiday season.

7 Halloween Email Examples from: Harry’s, Crocs, Dunkin Donuts, storEDGE, Canva, LendingTree and Lush.

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