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Emojis in Email Subject Lines: How Do They Affect Open Rates?

After testing 3.9 million emails with emojis and non-emoji subject lines and found 2 surprising things about open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribes.

Are you a big fan of using emojis in your email subject lines?

You might want to think again.


I just tested 3.9 million emails and found two surprising things…


I’ve long suspected that emojis might not be sending the best brand message when used in email.

And then, an article dropped into my feed that showed evidence that emojis can cause negative sentiment. I was all over it!

As I’m managing the email communications here at Search Engine Journal, I have the perfect opportunity to run my own testing with a generous sample size of 110,000 subscribers.

And, we love testing stuff here.

So, over two months in June and July, I ran a variety of email tests with emojis in subject lines.

I wanted to see if I could discern any audience’s behavior surrounding their response to the emoji.

The Subject Line Is the Most Important Part of the Email, Not an Afterthought

Email marketing is firstly all about the open rate and secondly, click-through rate.

The subject line bears the weight of this.

It has to get attention immediately and stimulate the reader to act – all before the email can even begin to get the message across.

For this reason, subject lines are the most vital part of the email just like an ad headline.

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