What Is The Best Day To Send Email? The 106 Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know

How many times did you hear that “the answer is within the numbers” and truth to be told, its true. If you look at the right numbers, you can always learn and find the answers or solutions for your problem or how to improve your results, in this case, your email marketing results.

Email is being questioned as a marketing channel every year. And yet the numbers show that it is stronger than ever, especially on these days.

Here are some of the 106 Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know:

* The average click-through rate was 3.43%.

* The average unsubscribe rate for 2019 was 0.2%.

* The spam rate average in 2019 was 0.02%.

* In 2019, the average open rate was 22,15%.

* Meanwhile, the average click-to-open rate was 15.49%.

* 72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication.

* 52% of responders said that email is their main communication tool.

* 21% of sent emails are opened within the first hour of delivery.

* Email marketing boasts a 4200% ROI ($42 for every $1 spent).

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