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Blog Sidebars Are Dead: 310% Better Conversion Rate Without A Sidebar

Source: Blog Marketing Academy

If you are running a conversion-focused blog, it could be very well that the sidebar is a relic of the past that is generally a waste of space. In fact, it just clutters things up. Your readers are likely paying it no attention at all.

Sidebars need to be used only strategically and intentionally. There will be some environments where it is needed (like inside a membership site or other web app where it is used for navigation). For some web content, a sidebar can still be handy but, it needs to be done with a strategic reason.

Most blogs that are still running sidebars are likely doing it because it is what they see other people doing but this is not a really good reason for them to do it.

The sidebar is redundant on most blogs now. People just pay it no attention. So, time to move on and add it to the trash bin of history alongside Flash menus, Frames and blinking text.

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