What Is Shopify Ping

What Is Shopify Ping

Shopify Ping is a free messaging app that lets Shopify sellers to spend more time with customers and attract new shoppers.

Since your store and customer conversations are together in one place, it’s simple to share items, make sales, and build strong relationships. Without leaving the chat, customers can buy products directly with just a few taps using Apple Pay.

A customer is browsing Tasty Pins’ online store from their iPhone. The customer taps a button within the online store that says “chat with us.” This action opens the Messages app immediately so the customer and store owner can chat directly. The customer asks if the hot dog pin is in stock, the merchant replies “we do,” and sends a link to the pin. Once the pin link is in the chat, the customer is able to purchase the pin in a few taps using Apple Pay.

Shopify Ping connects to the messaging apps you already use to bring all your conversations into a single mobile app, making it easier to respond to questions and build relationships with customers even when you’re on the go.

Conversations from messaging apps like Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger can now come together for easy, centralized access and management in the Shopify Ping app. Say goodbye to switching between multiple apps just to speak with different customers.

Download Shopify Ping – Where to Download Shopify Ping?

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