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How Ecommerce Marketers Can Successfully Compete with Amazon?

Amazon is everywhere. The online shopping behemoth sells everything, delivers in days (or even hours, depending on where you live), and offers a peace of mind that new brands or unvetted competitors simply can’t match. But despite all these advantages—there are still some opportunities for ecommerce marketers to beat Amazon at their own game.

First, though, you need to know what you’re up against. Currently, Jeff Bezos’ brainchild owns 45% of the ecommerce market share. And barring any major shake-ups in the industry or regulatory crackdowns from the government, it’s unlikely that’ll change anytime soon. Even the other major names in retail, like Walmart and Target, struggle to shine within Amazon’s shadow.

In order to successfully compete, you need to play to your strengths and lean into what makes your brand different. Here are some of the top strategies ecommerce marketers have used to carve out their own niche and get shoppers to choose their online store over Amazon.

3 Reasons Shoppers Choose Amazon (And How Your Brand Can Compete)

There are a few good reasons why Amazon has become so popular over the last decade. With products extending into virtually every category imaginable, competitive pricing, and guaranteed shipping options, most online shoppers have little reason to look anywhere else.

But while it may be impossible to match Amazon from a size and scale perspective, you can look at some of their top-selling points for inspiration to help differentiate your brand.

  1. An unmatched selection of products
  2. Fast, reliable shipping
  3. Competitive pricing

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