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Facebook Adds Facebook Shop Tab, Expands Facebook and Instagram Shops to All US Businesses

Source: Facebook

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the status of Facebook Shops, which it first announced would be ‘coming soon’ back in May. But today, Facebook has unloaded a bunch of new updates for its eCommerce tools, which will provide businesses with more ways to connect with customers, and sell direct on both Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s what’s been announced:

First off, Facebook’s rolling out a new ‘Shop’ tab in Facebook: “a new place to discover businesses and shop for products in the Facebook app”.

As you can see here, the new, dedicated Shopping tab will be available in the options menu, and will showcase a range of businesses that are selling products direct on the platform.

As per Facebook:

“Facebook Shop makes it easy for people to find products from businesses they love, discover new ones and make purchases, all in one place.”

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