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How to sell £15,000 of Christmas Trees online in a week, with Mark Rofe

Mark Rofe is a digital marketer, with about 10 years working across Ecommerce, Fintech, and Digital PR. This year Mark decided to quit his job at a digital PR agency (rise at seven) to spend a couple of months building up an ecommerce site selling Christmas Trees online.

Mark had purchased a good domain name – – in December 2019. In mid-2020 he decided to build the site up to launch it in October 2020.

In this interview, Dan Barker talks to Mark about the process, and his results so far. We chose the date for the interview as it is the exact midpoint between the date his site launched, and Christmas itself. It aims to give the reader an idea of what his goals were, how he approached the project, the tech and marketing he’s using, and how he plans to progress it further.

Dan: It’s roughly 6 weeks since you launched the site, and roughly 6 weeks left till Christmas. Are you happy with how things are going so far?

Mark: Yeah definitely. So far I’m up to about £30,000 in revenue, which is great, and half of that was just in the last week. I think if I keep up the pace and manage not to run out of stock it could reach about £100,000 this year.

Only a small amount of that is profit of course, but it’s gone much better than I’d expected so far, and it’s still going up every week.

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