Best Amazon Seller Account Setup Checklist

Best Amazon Seller Account Setup Checklist

Get the best Amazon seller account setup checklist to help you to create your Amazon account the fastest way – the checklist before you sign up for an Amazon seller account and the clock starts.

Before you jump in headfirst and start selling on Amazon, there are several steps we encourage any prospective seller to take before formalizing the seller account registration process.

Amazon Seller Checklists (Necessary Paperwork)

To get through the full registration process for an Amazon seller account, you will need a bunch of information readily available, including:

1) Business Information – Your legal business name, address and contact information

2) Email Address – An email address that can be used for this company account. This email account should be set up already, as you will start receiving important emails from Amazon almost immediately.

3) Credit Card – An internationally chargeable credit card with a valid billing address. If the credit card number isn’t valid, Amazon will cancel your registration.

4) Phone Number – A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process. Also, have your phone nearby during registration.

5) Tax ID – Your tax identity information, including your Social Security number or your company’s Federal Tax ID number. To submit your tax identity information, the registration process will take a brief detour to a “1099-K Tax Document Interview.”

6) State Tax ID – State tax ID information for states in which you have tax nexus. This physical presence is typically impacted by company offices, warehouses/3PLs, and call centers. In June 2018, the US Supreme Court changed the law regarding the responsibility that ecommerce sellers have to remit sales tax for online purchases.

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