How to Get a Gov Domain?

How to Get a Gov Domain?

Gov domain can be obtain through the DotGov Program and requires notarized signatures on all authorization letters when submitting a request for a new .gov domain. This is a necessary security enhancement to prevent mail and wire fraud through signature forgery in obtaining a .gov domain. This step will help maintain the integrity of .gov and ensure that .gov domains continue to be issued only to official U.S. government organizations.

Domains for cities require authorization from the mayor or equivalent official. Counties need authorization submitted by county commissioners or by the highest-ranking county official. After receipt of the authorization letter and DNS test pass (each domain must have at least one domain name server), the GSA will send you an email with payment instructions. The billing point of contact must then pay for the domain with a credit card.

As long as all the submitted information is accurate, the process can be completed within 48 hours. The GSA send a registration confirmation notice within one business day after you register your domain name. If your information is accurate and complete, you will receive a second notice on the same day or one business day later informing you that all of your information is in order.

The majority of requests take up to 30 days because the Chief Information Officer (CIO) needs time to approve them before handing them back to the registrar. Confirmation will be sent to you once your domain name has been activated.

In case you sent the wrong information or the registrar deems you ineligible for a .gov domain, your registration will be rejected. The GSA will send you a notice stating the reason for rejection.

If you have any questions throughout the registration process, contact the .Gov Helpdesk at or (877) 734-4688.