What Is Tracking Pixel?

What Is Tracking Pixel?

What Is Tracking Pixel?

A tracking pixel is a 1 x 1 image size created with a small piece of graphic HTML coding, used to track behavior when a user lands a website page or clicks into an email. This enables eCommerce store owners to gain a deep understanding of how users interact and respond to their ads, their email campaigns and their website.

If you’ve ever designed an image for the internet, then you already know what a regular pixel is. Pixels are the unit of measurement for image sizes on the internet.

These tiny trackers are the darlings of the web analytic crowd, due to their effectiveness in capturing useful data. They enable companies to track website visits, digital ad impressions, email opens, sales conversions and other types of activity on the web.

Even though a pixel is very small (and often completely hidden by developers with CSS), its benefit on marketing is huge.

How Are Tracking Pixels Used & Implemented?

It is placed directly on the website itself. They are used to gather user data, power retargeting advertising platforms, and other marketing purposes.

Tracking pixels can be used to do the following: Track Website Visits, Track Conversions and Track On-Site Behavior. Pixel tracking can be also placed on emails and apps.

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