What Is PayPal

What Is PayPal?
PayPal (PayPal Holdings, Inc.) is an American company operating a worldwide secured and safe online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows almost anyone to pay online or on mobile, without sharing their financial information with the sellers.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 325 million active registered accounts worldwide. Available in 202 countries and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce by making payments possible across different locations, currencies, and languages.

PayPal has received more than 20 awards for excellence from the internet industry and the business community – most recently the 2006 Webby Award for Best Financial Services Site and the 2006 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Financial Services Site.

Located in San Jose, California, PayPal was founded in 1998.

What Is PayPal Holdings Inc Official Website?
PayPal Holdings Inc official website is

How to Contact PayPal Team?
You can contact PayPal using the following information:

What Is PayPal Headquarters Address?
PayPal Headquarters Address is PayPal Holdings Inc, 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California 95131 United States.

What Is PayPal Phone Number?
You can contact PayPal using the following phone number: +1 402-935-2050

What Is PayPal Contact Us Form?
You can contact PayPal using the following contact us form:

What Is PayPal LinkedIn?
PayPal LinkedIn page is

What Is PayPal Instagram?
PayPal Instagram page is

What Is PayPal Facebook?
PayPal Facebook page is

What Is PayPal Twitter?
PayPal Twitter page is

What Is PayPal YouTube?
PayPal YouTube page is

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