The Death Of Cookies And The Threat To Digital Marketing

The demise of third-party cookies could disrupt targeted advertising, but marketers are determined not to let that happen.

“The pressing issue is that there will be significant disruptions in how business is done in addressable media. Proper solutions need to be devised that enable the economic model of digital marketing to continue.”

Sobering words from Bill Tucker, Group EVP leading the Data, Technology, and Measurement Practices at the ANA , and executive director of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media. The concern is provoked by the general threat to targeted advertising and marketing presented by the growing emphasis on user privacy. More specifically, it’s provoked by the threat to third-party cookies.

Some browsers—Safari and Mozilla Firefox—already no longer support third-party cookies. The announcement by Google that it too will block these cookies in Chrome within two years (i.e. by end of 2021) has provided the impetus for a range of responses from martech, adtech, advertisers and publishers.

To be clear, there is no threat to first-party cookies, the cookies used by websites to collect information about users who have chosen to interact with them.

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