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How Biden & Trump Used Landing Pages in Efforts to Win the Election?

Source: winred

Every presidential candidate has political advertisements across the web, vying to make an impression on citizens, strengthen their campaigns, and, ultimately, win votes.

The most successful ads, though, are ones connected to personalized post-click experiences (PCEs). Continuing the same narrative from the ad into the post-click stage ensures the page meets user expectations and the candidate achieves credibility with the voters.

That’s why both Trump and Biden are using PCEs to increase campaign donations and gain voter support.

Check these 4 Trump post-click experience:

Trump post-click experience #1: Google paid search ad to generate donations

Trump post-click experience #2: Search ad sitelink extension

Trump post-click experience #3: Facebook image ad to encourage poll submissions

Trump post-click experience #4: Google paid ad to donate to and support Trump’s campaign

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