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Find the One Word That Sets Your Brand Apart and Boosts Conversions

Think about the brands that have the best marketing and the strongest brand identity: Nike, Coca-Cola, Glossier, Dollar Shave Club, Southwest Airlines…

There’s one thing that all of these brands have on their side, one thing that each brand leans on to get and keep customers.

One word.

Now it’s not the same word for each brand. After all, if there was one single word that could make every company way money, wouldn’t we all be using it? But each brand has one word that they lean on in their branding and advertising that sets them apart and sets them up for success.

For Coca-Cola, that word is “Delightful,” For Dollar Shave Club it’s “affordable,” for Southwest it’s “Friendly.” You get the idea.

But how can one word boost your brand and your conversions?

Boosting Conversions by Boosting Brand Strength and Loyalty

Building an audience and then boosting the conversions and loyalty of that audience can be one of the biggest hurdles for a new company—or even an established one.

This is where having a strong brand identity comes in handy. When your audience has a reliable idea of who you are and what to expect from you, they usually know whether or not they want to buy (and keep buying) from you.

And one of the easiest ways to strengthen your brand is by giving your audience a point of reference: how you compare to other brands they maybe know more about.

That’s not to say you need every ad or post to be about a different company and why you’re better. Far from it.

But when you have one word, your special one word, that embodies your brand and represents your differences from your competition, you will be miles closer to boosting your conversions.

As our favorite expert on brand building and fascinating your audience, Sally Hogshead always says…

Different is better than better.

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