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What Is Intango Ventures?

Intango Ventures is the corporate accelerator of Intango, invests in early-stage Digital Marketing, Advertising Technology, D2C and eCommerce startups.

It is the investment arm of Intango, a global technology-driven company specializing in digital marketing. Intango Ventures also operates the Intango Digital Marketing Accelerator, which is focusing on helping pre-seed startups

Intango Ventures is partnering with startup founders at stages ranging from pre-seed to early-stage, providing them with the right investment vehicle, depending on their needs and level of maturity.

Pre-Seed: As the corporate accelerator of Intango, the Intango Digital Marketing Accelerator is the best funding option for pre-seed Digital Marketing and Advertising Technology startups.

Seed: Intango Ventures provides not only capital but also access to Intango’s global customers, partners, and network of the media industry connections. It offers technical and business advice from industry veterans and experienced entrepreneurs as well as access to the collective experience and business connections of our portfolio companies.

What Is Intango Ventures Official Website?

Intango Ventures official website is

How to Contact Intango Ventures Team?

You can contact Intango Ventures using the following information:

Intango Ventures Headquarters Address:
HaBarzel St 38,
Tel Aviv-Yafo

Intango Ventures Contact Email:

Intango Ventures Phone Number: +972-3-533-0760

Intango Ventures Contact Us Form:

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