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How To Create A Low-Budget Branding For Small Businesses

Did you know that digital market spending is expected to climb to $375 billion by the year of 2021? If you’re looking to break into this promising field and learn how to start and run a digital marketing agency, we’ve curated for you 5 great articles to help you to achieve your goals.

1) How to Launch a Digital Marketing Agency from Your Bedroom.

2) How to start a marketing agency, advice from a 7-figure agency CEO.

3) 5 keys to starting your own digital marketing agency.

4) How to start a digital marketing agency as a beginner making your first $10k+/month.

5) How to start and run a digital marketing agency business.


How Much does it Cost To Start A Digital Marketing Agency?
How much it costs to start an agency depends, of course, on the agency and the targeted clients as you would need a bigger budget if you’re going after Fortune 500 firms than if you’re courting small businesses.

* A website: 1,000 to $2,000 (a one-time investment).

* Website Hosting: $180 to $240 ($15 to $20/month).

* ESP (Email Service Provider): $360 ($30/month).

* Social Media Marketing/Scheduling Software: $360 ($30/month).

* Content Creation Software (CCS): $7200 ($60/month).

* Reporting Software: $1,200 ($100/month).

* Customer Relations Management (CRM): $600 ($50/month)

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