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AffiliTest is a service by Phonder Technologies LTD, creating products with a real value. Products that give the user a better experience and create value for their business. Affilitest is our newest and one of our most exciting products. We are sure that just like us, you will also fall in love once you will start to use it.


AffiliTest Pricing

Unlimited Affilitests Pricing

Professional Package – $59/month: 1 user

Enterprise Package – $99/month: 3 user

Super Package – $249/month: 10 user


AffiliTest HasOffers API Testing Pricing
Our smart algorithm will auto test and verify your offers 24/7 on HasOffers.

Professional Package – $259/month: 5,000/month Requests Per Month, 1 user

Enterprise Package – $499/month:15,000/month Requests Per Month, 3 users

Super Package – $899/month: 30,000/month Requests Per Month, 5 users


AffiliTest Network Promotion Pricing
Allowing you to upgrade your company’s logo to a Smart-Banner at $199/month.


Affilitest API Pricing
AffiliTest open API Gives you an infinite number of possibilities and developments in your business.

Integration Package – $259, 5,000/month Requests Per Month

Beginner Package – $499, 15,000/month Requests Per Month

Customer Package (call sales team) – Unlimited/month Requests Per Month


What Is AffiliTest Official Website?
AffiliTest official website is

How to Contact AffiliTest Team?
You can contact AffiliTest using the following information:

Phonder Technologies (AffiliTest)
Keren HaYesod St 38,

AffiliTest Contact Email:

AffiliTest Support Email: Support@

AffiliTest Phone Number: 1800-35-40-40

AffiliTest Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time

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