15 Great Copywriting Examples from 8 Creators

Copywriting, like all writing, is a combination of inherent skill and hard work. The words on the page – or screen, or billboard – have to fit together exactly right to evoke emotion. They have to resonate with the readers to provoke the intended response.

While anyone can learn to sell a product, not everyone knows how to make readers feel something about buying a product.

Great copywriting does exactly that.

To be truly good at copywriting, you need to invest yourself in the art. To recognize and understand what an example of good copywriting is, you only need to see it. Most of the time, you only need to read it once.

It’s innovative. Original. By nature, all examples of good copywriting are creative in one way or another. Whether through simplicity, complexity, or pure genius, each of these examples shows why copywriting is a craft.

Here are 15 amazing copywriting examples, written by 8 brands and experts:

  1. The man in the Hathaway shirt
  2. Brooklinen’s homepage copywriting
  3. Moosejaw’s fun copywriting examples
  4. Poopourri’s “crappy” advertisements
  5. Cards Against Humanity… the entire company
  6. The Hustle’s art of mastering long copy
  7. I Will Teach You to Be Rich’s alienation platform
  8. Intrepid Travel’s commitment

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