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23 Examples of Highly Engaging Homepage Headlines

Not sure what makes a good headline? Dive into this guide packed with 23 copy headline examples and all the details you need to write an effective headline.

Whether it’s an email, an ad, or a blog post, your headline copy must be creative, catchy, and converting. After all, the heading to your text holds a lot of power.

If it’s magnetic, people will read the body. If it doesn’t hook them, they’ll leave. In the words of David Ogilvy, “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines than the body copy.”

This makes writing headlines the most exhilarating and pressurizing part of copywriting simultaneously. Explains why some people think it’s best to write their headline copy at the end and stick to formulas while creating one as well.

In this post, let’s dive into writing engaging headlines. To give you a quick look, this piece will cover:

What is a Headline Copy?
How Do You Write a Headline for a Website?
What Should You Include in a Headline?
How Do You Make a Catchy Headline?
23 Examples of Highly Engaging Headlines

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