What Is Evergreen Content

What Is Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content?
Evergreen content is content that is always relevant and does not go out of date, name driven from the evergreen trees that are green all year round. Evergreen content enables readers at any point of time, to read relevant content, even if it was written many years before.

Evergreen Content Example
Evergreen topics are those with consistent interest and search volume over time.

Here are some examples of evergreen topics:

* “How to tie a tie” – it doesn’t matter what year you are at, the way you tie a tie does not change.

* “How to make a steak” – Steaks are being made the same for decades and people want to know how to make the steak the old fashion way.

* “What are Amazon Stock Price 2020” – Amazon stock price happened already and will stay the same forever.

Examples of non-evergreen topics might be:

* “When is the next Olympic games” – this changes every 4 years as every time the Olympics games are played in a different country.

* “What are WordPress 6.0 new features” – WordPress gets updated constantly and over time new versions are released WordPress 7.0, WordPress 8.0, WordPress 9.0 etc’.

* “What are basketball teams playing in the finals” – every year, different basketball teams can get to the finals.

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