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How to Use Evergreen Content to Drive Results Year-Round?

Evergreen content is every content marketer’s little black dress. It’s classic, the go-to, it’s reliable, looks good on anybody and it works for pretty much any occasion. There are many reasons why you need this content type in your strategy closet.

When validating evergreen content, we’ll reference “lifetime value” as a way to consider quality vs. quantity. We’ll communicate this by calculating a post value ratio based on the following:

Evergreen post value ratio formula: Monthly traffic value of a post * 24 months /over the cost that it takes to generate a post that ranks

Evergreen content can play a big role in this long-term value. For example, NerdWallet’s evergreen tax bracket article shows us a lifetime value of $8,352.

Evergreen content ratio example showing ($174,000 * 24) / $500 = $8,352 lifetime value

And that’s just one post! We’ll cover the definition of evergreen content, why it’s important, content examples, how to create it, tips to level-up existing evergreen posts and even how to turn “seasonal” pieces into evergreen result-drivers.

Evergreen Content vs Seasonal Content

Seasonal content doesn’t have the shelf-life of evergreen content and doesn’t appeal to users year-round. Things like holiday content, sporting events, politics, industry trends. More specifically, pieces like “The Best Valentine’s Gifts,” “COVID Content Strategy,” “Summer Workout Ideas,” “Your Ultimate Back to School Checklist” are all only topical in their respective seasons or timeframes.

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