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How to Profit from Content?

It’s true, most content marketers are putting their time and energy on creating the ‘perfect’ blog posts and writing guest posts to improve SEO rankings only to find themselves wait long months to start making revenues.

The fact is, you don’t really need to wait for people to find your website to make sales as this approach overlooks the value of insightful content as a sales resource, especially for B2B firms.

Significant business resources are invested in creating content that is never engaged with, writing guest posts that are never read, and sharing content that is never seen. It’s a reality that most of us choose to ignore because we are fixated on inbound marketing.

While inbound marketing is effective, it’s not without problems:

Most of the visitors who engage with your content will never return. It’s generally agreed that somewhere in the region of 2%-6% of first-time visitors return to a website.

You have little control over who visits, and most visitors do not fit the profile of your customer persona (you’ll be doing very well if you convert even 0.3% of site visitors into customers).

There are only so many spaces on the front page of Google. Truthfully, most of us will be fighting and failing to achieve our desired SERP rankings.

This guide will share an approach that I believe can help all businesses, but especially small to medium-sized businesses, that operate in the B2B space acquire new customers. It’s a strategy that relies upon creating a small amount of really great content, then actively promoting that content to the right people. Let’s dive in.

  1. Consider the goals of your customer
  2. Create a customer outreach list
  3. Run your outreach campaign
  4. Review the results

Discover a solid strategy showing you how you can create a small amount of great content, to start generating profits faster than ever.

Read more here.

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