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How to Build a Remote Content Marketing Team That Produces Results

If you want to build a kick-ass, remote content marketing team that produces results for your company or agency, this article is for you.

Managing an in-house, content marketing team is hard — building a team scattered all over the world is even more difficult.

I asked marketing experts in the SaaS industry how they built and scaled their remote content team. Their responses — as well as my experience working with two remote content marketing teams in the past three years — are presented in this article as five, simple steps you can follow to build a team of content marketing rockstars.

Half the battle to creating your own marketing calendar is having a good grasp on what you need to include. Use this template to help guide you through the process of getting a handle on how you should plan your marketing strategy.

Discover here:

* Provide Your Content Strategy
* Hire Your Content Team
* Carry Out Effective Onboarding
* Set Up Structures to Manage Your Team
* Develop a Culture of Documentation

Build and Enable Effective Communication

Provide Your Content Strategy and Other Documentation

The first step in building your remote content marketing team is putting all resources in place for your team. This will help to produce content right off the bat.

The most important of these resources is your content strategy.

Your content strategy helps you define why you’re creating content, who you’re creating it for, what type of content you’ll be creating, and what your content marketing goals are.

In addition to your content strategy, here are other crucial resources for your content marketing team:

* Style guides
* Writing guidelines
* Content checklists
* SEO checklists
* Process checklists
* Put These Resources Together First

Consider these resources as your battle plan and your team members as the soldiers. You’ll want to get all your tools, plans, maps, and strategies in place before your soldier’s march.

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