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How to Build a Funnel Content Strategy?

The right content in front of the right people at the right time will (over time) help you close more deals faster. That’s the general promise of content marketing, and it sounds like a pretty solid one. (I don’t know about you, but I like content that makes money. It keeps the lights on and I stay employed as a content nerd.)

But in the world of business blogging, content marketing, inbound marketing, They Ask, You Answer, or whatever you want to call it, you can often find yourself in a “chicken and egg” situation.

“When I’m brand new, I’m supposed to start with just creating assignment selling content, based on content brainstorms with the sales team.” (If you read They Ask, You Answer, this is you.)

“I’m also supposed to be creating traffic-driving, top-of-the-funnel content based on keyword research, right? And that doesn’t come from the sales team.”

“Then there are the content pillars I’m supposed to be building — again, based on keyword research — to connect everything together.”

“But under the revenue team model, all of my content ideas come from the sales team, who typically don’t request traffic-driving, top-of-the-funnel content.”

When you’re at the center of driving your company’s content strategy, you might find yourself beating your head against your desk, praying for sweet release, as you try to reconcile those seemingly contradictory marching orders.

How can you be focusing exclusively on the needs of sales while also publishing content that gets you found online by ranking highly?

If you do start with just assignment selling content, how do you integrate traffic-driving content into your strategy? And when?

And when do you start to think about content pillars and historic optimization content strategies?

If these are questions you’re struggling with right now, stop drafting up that overly dramatic “I just can’t even today” Slack or email for your bosses, because I’ve got you covered.

Discover how to create a full-funnel content strategy that really works, helping to feed both the sales at the bottom of the funnel and drive traffic at the top

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