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How Many Blog Post Should I Publish Per Week?

Source: Sparktoro

Look at this Google Analytics traffic graph, It’s not pretty, but sometimes we can learn more from failures than from success.

You see that, too, right? In the week of November 15-21, SparkToro’s website saw a slight decline in traffic that, for most of this year, only happens when they don’t publish anything new. But, during that Nov. 15-21 week, they did publish. In fact, they’ve published more actively than in other week of the website’s 2.5 year existence.

Those five posts were all part of an intensive series examining the marketing takeaways from the 2020 election. They included:

Part I: Identity & Common Enemies (published Sunday night)
Part II: Positioning & Segmentation (published Monday night)
Part III: Polling Problems & Growing Fans vs. Persuading Converts (published Tuesday night)
Part IV: Narratives & Information Distribution (published Wednesday night)
Part V: Brand Familiarity & The Weakness of Product (published Thursday night

That week was not only the most active publishing week I’ve had in the last few years, it was also the most work intensive. In addition to my normal duties, I stayed up late writing every evening, an endeavor usually reserved for just one or two midnight oil evenings a week. Given the struggling traffic to the posts, I also did a bit more social promotion than I usually do for my content (apologies to my Twitter + LinkedIn followers, who probably felt spammed by links they never clicked).

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