What is Organic CTR?

What is Organic CTR?

Source: Google Search Console 

What is Organic CTR?
Organic CTR (also known as Organic Click-Through Rate) is the total number of clicks on a search engine organic result divided by the total number of impressions of this specific organic result, influenced by the ranking position, meta title and meta description.

What is a Good Organic CTR?
A good organic CTR is considered to be 10% and up, on search engine organic results on the first page.

How to Improve Organic CTR?
You can improve your Organic CTR (Click-Through Rate) for each result and webpage without the need to invest resources (time and money) in creating new content or generate new backlinks to the webpage by improving the meta title tag and meta description according to the keyword searches.

How does Organic CTR Calculated?
Organic CTR (also known as Organic Click-Through Rate) is calculated as the ratio of searchers resulting clicks on an organic result in the search engine results pages divided by the total number impressions for that term your webpage was displayed (got an impression).


Organic Clicks ÷ Organic Impressions = Organic CTR


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