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What is CTR in SEO? CTR SEO

What is CTR in SEO? CTR SEO

Source: Google Search Console

What is CTR in SEO? CTR SEO
CTR in SEO is your webpage the click-through rate calculated by the total clicks divided by total impressions as shown by the search engine.

Improving your CTR in SEO means that you will be able to get additional traffic from the different search engines without you investing additional resources into creating new content or buying expensive links.

How to CTR in SEO Calculated?
Click-through rate (CTR) in SEO is defined as the ratio of searchers who click on an organic result in the search engine results pages divided by the total number of searches (impressions) for that term.

Clicks from Search Engines ÷ (divided by) Impressions in SEO = CTR SEO

 How to Improve Your Click Through Rate (CTR) Inside of Google?
The best ways to improve your website’s click-through rate in SEO is by the process of testing and improving the two things that the user sees on the search engine results which determine the CTR: Meta Title & Meta Description.