Best Reputation Management Software

Best Reputation Management Software

Discover the best reputation management software and technologies available in the market to manage businesses and companies’ reputation throughout the digital marketing space.

You want to try out a newly-opened restaurant in your neighborhood.

But before making reservations, you do a quick Google search and ask friends to find out more about the restaurant – how the food tastes, the kind of service they offer, and whether the ambiance is uplifting.

Would you still visit the restaurant if you see and hear bad reviews?


But if you see and hear positive reviews, you’ll definitely consider giving the restaurant a shot.

This is precisely why your brand image is everything today.

It’s not only about getting reviews either. Having a profile on review sites and replying to reviews posted by customers can considerably boost your revenue, too.

There’s only one problem.

Most business owners don’t know what they’re doing.

While some may know how to ask customers for reviews, they aren’t too sure about handling other parts of the comprehensive concept of reputation management.

This is where you need expert help – something reputation management software can provide.

The software will highlight your brand’s positives and deemphasize any negative sentiments without any extra effort on your part.

Read on as we discuss our six best reputation management software to help you maintain an excellent brand image.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Reputation Management Software

Certain factors have to be taken into consideration before choosing the right reputation management solution for your business.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of such factors that will make it easier for you to narrow down your options.

What to Consider when Selecting a Reputation Management Software?

1) User-Friendliness – The software you choose should be user-friendly and easy to integrate into your current system. Steer clear from options that require on-site installation or have problems integrating with systems and tools you already pay for.

2) Review Responding – Make sure your review management software allows you to quickly and easily respond to reviews. This will increase your chances of converting reviews into returning customers.

It’s the easiest way to connect with customers and understand how they perceive your brand and product or service. Since the whole point of getting the software is to build a positive online presence, this becomes necessary.

You should acknowledge compliments and express your desire to improve in cases of negative reviews.

3) Mention Monitoring – You need a mention monitoring system in your chosen reputation management software, especially if you don’t miss out on any key mention or information about your brand on online media, including news websites, blogs, forums, and listings.

A software tool that enables mention monitoring will help you track down any brand or product mention and gather crucial information to strategize competitive marketing plans.

4) Review Monitoring – All reputation management software offers a review monitoring feature, but it’s the methodology of how they allow you to monitor reviews that separates a good tool from a bad tool.

You should be able to monitor reviews from all websites and receive real-time alerts for every new input. This will help you monitor your customer’s feedback more efficiently and reduce the possibility of missing out on any reviews, whether positive or negative.

5) Social Monitoring – Choose an advanced reputation management software that provides the option to monitor social media. This is crucial for understanding your customer‘s point of view.

For this, however, you must have your own social media pages where customers can post reviews about the products and services you offer. The idea here is to stay on top of trends, build long-lasting customer relationships, generate new leads, and protect your brand’s reputation – all of which social monitoring helps ensure.

6) Industry Niche and Business Size – All businesses have unique needs. For instance, a local restaurant won’t have the same means or needs as a SaaS start-up, and neither will a chain of franchisees as a Fortune 500 e-commerce company.

You have to choose software based on your business size and industry niche for the best results.

What are the Best Reputation Management Software?

Best Reputation Management Software Options to Consider

1) Brand24 – Best for competitor analysis

2) – Best for multi-location businesses

3) Mention – Best for social media focused companies

4) Swell – Bet for growing local businesses

5) Chekkit – Best for service-based businesses

6) Chatmeter – Best for chains and franchises


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