How to Write a Sales Pitch? 15 Proven Tips to Get More Clients Right Away

Wondering how to write a sales pitch that wins clients every single time? Over 25 sales pros share their insights and successful sales pitch ideas.

“The most successful sales pitches our clients make are short, personal, and to the point handwritten,” shares Rob Quill’s Stuart Dixon.

Jotting all this down, already?

Wait till you learn more as this guide answers the A-Z of how to write a sales pitch.

Frankly, writing a winning sales pitch is no easy feat. It takes lots of trial and error till you figure out what works and what backfires.

But to speed up your process of creating the ultimate sales pitch template that gets you clients all the time (well, almost all the time), we’ve put together this guide on how to write a sales pitch.

You’ll learn:

* What Makes a Good Sales Pitch?
* 15 Tips for Writing a Killer Sales Pitch
* Ready to take notes? Let’s cut to the chase
* What Makes a Good Sales Pitch?

To begin with, let’s quickly recap what is a sales pitch.

A sales pitch is your attempt at selling your service. It puts your persuasion skills to test without giving you the liberty to be salesy.

Typically, sales pitches are pre-planned. It’s a line or two that you say that captures your audience’s attention, who then agree to give your product or service a shot.

Your sales pitch could be a social media pitch, an email pitch, a phone sales pitch, etc. In all cases, it’s better to be prepared than find yourself dumbfounded when someone asks what you sell or how you can help them.

So, what makes a good sales pitch? Three things:

One, a killer sales pitch speaks to its audience. Meaning, it’s relevant to them, they can relate to it, and the moment you begin, your audience can tell you understand their pains. After all, the better you understand their pain, the better the solution you can offer.

Two, it’s short. With dwindling attention spans that are getting shorter than a goldfish’s attention span and lots of choice at their fingertips, brevity is a must. Within this limited word count, quickly tell your prospect you understand their pain point and give them a solution to those troubles (by introducing your service).

Lastly, a good sales pitch is focused on the prospect. It doesn’t talk about your product features or takes a salesy approach (even if it’s called a sales pitch). Instead, it talks about how you can improve your audience’s life.

In short, an A1 sales pitch template is brief, to the point, and talks about the prospect, not your service.

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15 Tips for Writing a Killer Sales Pitch

Now that you have a full picture of what makes a good sales pitch let’s give you tips on how to write a sales pitch. For this post, we’ve over 25 experts sharing their insights and successful sales pitch ideas.

So let’s get started with the rundown of all the tips, followed by the details:

1) Understand your audience inside out
2) Put your target’s imagination to work
3) Focus on your value proposition
4) Add a touch of humor to your sales pitch structure
5) Keep things genuine to win your target’s trust
6) Stir your audience’s emotions with your pitch
7) Make your pitch interactive
8) Make it personal
9) Be direct
10) Keep it simple and short
11) Open with a quantifiable example
12) Make sure your pitch is relatable for your audience
13) Prove your product works
14) Instill FOMO
15) Present your service as a solution to your customer’s problem

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