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How to Use Emojis in Business?

Source: Customer Thermometer (Emojis in Business research)

Emoji, emoticons, icons and star and smiley ratings are all around us but how much do we really know about attitudes to their use in business?

Customer Thermometer wanted to find out! So, they commissioned independent research; asking 1000 US citizens how and when they use emoji, especially in business. They got real insight into in the way they communicate with colleagues and interact with and feed back to brands.

Customer Thermometer put it all together in a full report on our findings, with some background on emoji and how they’ve become part of our everyday lives.

Source: Customer Thermometer (Emojis in Business research) 

1) The average American uses 34.71 emojis a day

This is across all social media, messaging, emails, etc.

2) 19% of men say they don’t use emoji, compared to just 12% of women

It seems more women are using emoji than men.

3) But, men who DO use emoji actually send more than women

Men send 35.9 per day on average, while women only send 32.8.

4) Generation Z send over five times more emoji than those aged 55+

5) Over one in five (22.5%) Americans already use emoji at work

This is across both work emails and collaboration tools like Slack and Teams.

6) Women especially appreciate emoji in the work environment as they find it friendlier

87.7% of women find emoji in the workplace friendly, over 73% of men.

7) The other biggest drivers for using emoji at work is that over half of Americans (55%) believe they avoid misunderstandings

This is because they believe it helps to convey a ‘tone’.

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Download PDF report here.

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