New Blogging Statistics: Blogging still works, especially for the 10% of bloggers who do things very differently…

Years ago, we set out to get some basic questions about blogging. It’s grown into a long-term project that tracks trends in the changing world of content marketing.

Each year, we ask 1000+ bloggers about their content and their process. Then we make a giant pile of charts. We add input from content marketing experts. And we look for correlations between the data and results.

This year we had 1,279 survey responses.

What follows are 33 charts, 13 experts and hundreds of blogging statistics that reveal some fascinating insights into an industry in flux.

Blogging still works for most bloggers

The general performance of blogging as a strategy hasn’t changed much over the years. We ask bloggers to report on results and each year, around 1 in 4 bloggers report “strong results.”

Which of the following best applies to your blog_

Of course, “strong results” are subjective and self-reported. There are 31 million bloggers online (source) with a wide range of goals: fame and fortune, reach and revenue, links and leads. Considering the diversity of blogging objectives, we do not ask bloggers to report on specific results.

1 in 10 bloggers do things differently…and get better results

For each question in the survey, we’ve correlated the answers with the results question, using that 25% number as our benchmark. Almost invariably, there is a small percentage of bloggers who do things differently, who do more and are far more likely to report success.

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