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How to Turn Lackluster Blog into a Lead-Generation Machine?

What do you call a blog with 70,000 monthly visitors that accounts for 50 product trials a month? A lot of wasted potential.

Although our User-snap blog covered topics connected to our product, readers didn’t want to try the product.

We were not alone. Blogs across industries and verticals are getting fewer leads despite the resources invested in them. And Orbit Media research shows that 52% of bloggers say it’s getting harder to get readers to engage with their content.

Why? We set out to understand our challenge.

And we found some answers, including new-to-us tactics.

Let me explain.

This story is about how we build a content lead engine instead of only managing a blog.

Though we had a lot of experience building the blog, we reached out to an expert in content engines that converted leads – Manuel Weiss, digital marketing consultant and co-founder of CodeShip. We applied his insights and tweaked the systems and frameworks to fit our audience.

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