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Top 12 B2B Marketing Technologies, Budgets Sky Rocket, And Why B2B Vendors Lost Business

Source: ClickZ

The top technology that has a lion’s share revealed, marketing technology budgets see a 10% high, 220+ marketers say their current martech stack is “average”, and more on market shifts for B2B vendors. 

Key-points summary:

* Marketing technology budgets have risen from 32% to 42%, a straight 10% jump.
* The top 12 marketing technologies that are winning 2020.
* Top challenges businesses face with existing B2B vendors.
* Our Pulse Survey helps you look into the cracks with reasons why technology vendors could be losing business.
* How competitive pricing is a major reason for buyers to switch vendors.
* Curious to unravel all these answers? Dive in!

As the holiday shopping season inches closer, this week we revisit our Pulse Survey to uncover key insights around the marketing technology industry, budgets, top tier technology, why B2B vendors possibly lost business, and more.

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