What is Intent Data?

What is Intent Data?

Intent data, a marketing term, shows which leads or accounts are actively conducting research online as they are scored on thousands of topics while searching and this data is used to alert sales and marketing teams when their high-fit accounts are in a buying mode for what the business is offering.

What is B2B Intent Data?

B2B intent data provides insight into a web user’s purchase intent; allowing you to identify if and when a prospect is actively considering or looking to purchase your (or similar) products or solutions.

Intent Data is all the rage, but without a solid plan, marketers are prone to these pitfalls.

What are the Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make with Intent Data?

1) Marketers are drawn to the possibilities of intent data, which can shine a light on who is actively searching for a solution and which topics they’re most interested in. But without some effort, intent data isn’t a silver bullet to drive more revenue –– the data won’t work unless you do.

2) Unlock the value of intent data by actively making use of it. The more you work with and respond to intent data, the better you’ll be at delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

3) To do this, set your team up for success by building processes for how to access and analyze intent data. Start by engaging with your intent data provider to get a sense of best practices.

4) Once your team has set up the groundwork and understands their responsibilities, prioritize your buyers and the buyers’ journey. This illuminates the context of the intent data and helps your team understand how to interact with those buyers.

Growing usage of intent data is proof that marketers are excited about its promise: to illuminate who is actively in the market for a solution, and the topics in which they are likely interested. But the downside is that, if not used correctly, intent data will fail to deliver results.

To help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of intent data, here are three common mistakes that you can avoid with upfront planning.

1) Marketers see intent data as a silver bullet

2) They’re caught up in the idea, but overlook operationalization

3) They don’t connect the dots to buyer journeys


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