Where to Find Affiliate Marketers?

Weather you are starting your affiliate program or you are an affiliate manager that is already running an active affiliate program, you know that finding affiliate marketers is the first task at hand, followed by recruiting and managing them.

The main questions they usually ask is where to find affiliate marketers and how to Find affiliate Marketers.

Finding affiliates is a process that combines having an excellent affiliate program and reaching out to people who might be interested in promoting your products. Let’s not forget, generous commissions are also a big plus.

Finding the right affiliates is not an easy task since there are hundreds of affiliates out there but not all of them can offer serious results.

In this article, we’re sharing the best ways to find affiliates that will help you sell your products and earn money.

How to Create a Great Affiliate Program?

When it comes to finding affiliate partners organically, you need to be clear about the terms of your affiliate program. The most important facts about your program need to be clear and understandable.

What are the Most Important Factors for a Successful Affiliate Program?

1) Conversion cookies’ duration.

2) Payment options (when and how do affiliates get paid).

3) Payment methods you use.

4) How conversions are tracked.

clear commission structure: how much do the affiliate partners get from each sale, who exactly gets the commission (all affiliates or only the first/last)

Speaking of the commission, make it generous. Low commissions (5% to 10%) won’t motivate many affiliates to work with you. According to experts, your commission should be within the range of 25% to 30%.

In addition to this, offer bonuses, higher commission, or special conditions for affiliates that’ll bring outstanding results.

It’s also helpful to have things all set up beforehand so that your affiliates will only need to collect the money when the sales are made. Affiliates will appreciate if you provide all the necessary materials including email templates, videos, banners, and articles to make things easier on them.

Make sure that potential partners can actually discover your program. Insert a link on your website (usually, this kind of info is found in the footer, so that’s where people will look first). Another alternative is to have a separate page for affiliates where they can find all the information they need.

Finally, having a great product or service is crucial. An offer that solves people’s problems or adds value to the marketplace in any way will be much more appealing not only to affiliates but also to potential customers.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketers?

1) Join Affiliate Networks and Directories

2) Connect with Bloggers and Influencers

3) Use Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

4) Use Your Website and Blog

5) Use Online Ads (Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn)

6) Take Part in Affiliate Events

7) Turn Customers into Affiliates

8) Turn Colleagues into Affiliates

9) Use Print Publications

10) Use Cold Calling

11) Rely on Word-of-Mouth References

12) Hire an Affiliate Manager

13) Use Tools like SEMRush

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