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Affiliate Marketing in Times of Coronavirus — FAQ


Every day brings new questions about the state of digital advertising in times of coronavirus outbreak. It may be confusing to make sense of the abundance of information and news coming at us from all angles, trying to source what’s the most relevant to your business right now.

The coronavirus pandemic is currently impacting all spheres of our lives. Bearing in mind the scale and significance of the virus outburst, many issues cannot and won’t be treated lightly. This means a lot of changes and certain limitations imposed on various businesses, affiliate marketing is no exception. But what are those changes, or the said limitations?

To help you learn more about the state of affiliate marketing in the age of coronavirus and current advertising limitations, we’ve prepared this article with the most pressing questions answered for you.

Discover here:

  1. Is covid-19 affecting affiliate marketing?
  2. What are the effects of coronavirus on the affiliate marketing industry?
  3. How can affiliate marketing prevent the business consequences of covid-19?
  4. How can affiliate marketing combat the effects of coronavirus pandemic?
  5. How much will the coronavirus outburst cost the affiliate marketing industry?
  6. Will affiliate marketing grow due to the #stayhome movement?
  7. What verticals have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic?
  8. What verticals have grown due to the coronavirus pandemic?
  9. Is it going to be more expensive to run affiliate ad campaigns now?
  10. Will the covid-19 crisis affect offers for affiliate marketing campaigns?
  11. What types of offers are safe to run at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic?
  12. What verticals fall under the work from home category?
  13. What ad format works the best for affiliate advertising in times of coronavirus?
  14. How is push traffic performing during the coronavirus crisis?
  15. Can advertisers use the coronavirus angle for marketing purposes?
  16. Is using terms like coronavirus or covid-19 allowed in affiliate ad campaigns?
  17. What are campaign guidelines for affiliate advertising in times of coronavirus?
  18. Can advertisers promote medical products in times of coronavirus?
  19. Are the 2020 affiliate marketing prognoses still applicable?
  20. When will the coronavirus crisis be over?

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